Update 4.0.1 (Story)

TL;DR this is the full story of CAT Interstellar with the subtitle system re-vamped. This build is worth another play-through from beginning to end.


  • Cave scene ending with all triggers and key events.
  • Signals full sequence of events.
  • Credits completed.
  • Added additional dialog sequences to “The Base” and “Credits”.
  • Added a second Android type.
  • Adjusted mechanics of the Cat character to make the movement a little smoother.
  • Speech Bubbles (Subtitles) are now enabled by default.
Bug fixes
  • Missing rocks allowed the player to get behind the wind tunnel.
  • Numerous subtitle fixes.
Known Issues:
  • “Signals” start screen cut off the last ‘L’.
  • Music at the end of “The Caves” is buggy.
  • Key rebinding is still down.
Project Files
    The only thing holding this up is the audio files. I’m trying to commission some audio effects for release under a creative commons license. Once that’s complete, I’ll push the first project version which primarily consists of all the code, animations, texture, and shaders for DOG.
To Do
  • Improve the 2D graphics for in-game consoles.
  • Re-record key dialog.
  • Add more ambient sounds, effects, and props.
  • I’ve moved the release date back (again) to September 8th. I kind of screwed myself by doing a sale the last 2 weeks. I’ll go into a lot more detail about the business side of things but first I need to read through the SteamWorks documentation again and verify all the information I’m allowed to release. Having information on the business side of game development will be as helpful as the project files.

The goal of this project is to tell a science fiction story that can be completed in a single sitting.

I’m fully aware that if I was smarter I would be making mad cash with a multiplayer survivor game. I just personally don’t have the free time anymore to level a character up or win an argument on the internet. That’s the audience I’ve been going after since day one. I’ve tried to make that as clear as possible on the store page but if you have any idea how to convey that better please let me know.

Maybe we’ll try to get rich next time.




A few months ago we donated some of the game profit in the hopes of helping a few foster dogs and I thought it was a good time to give you an update:

Bojangles and Roxy both got adopted by great families and are F’ing loving life.


Sis is still at Tails (The foster agency) but is gaining confidence everyday and making huge progress. She’s made a lot of dog friends and is relatively comfortable with humans she knows.


Slim Jim is in a foster home… but it’s looking more like a forever home because they really love him.


It’s unfortunate you would find out about this from a crummy game announcement on Steam, but Foggy Nelson took a turn for the worse and passed away from some of the lingering issues he had when he was found.

I wish I only had good news for you but that’s just not how it works. Regardless, even though we’re just an obscure indie game with a knack for delays we’re going to try to help in a much bigger way. I’ll have more details on this in the future.

As always, Thank you for all the support you given. We’re almost there.



Subtitle error for android 42 and the missing ‘L’ in chapter 5 starting screen.

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