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Update 1.8

Update 1.8

July 27, 2016

V1.8 Update Thank you for sticking with us while we fixed a few things. Here are the update Notes: Environments Levels The Base and Mine environments have been expanded into their own levels. The environments are one of the stronger aspects of CAT Interstellar and the Base and Mine just weren’t up to snuff. We […]

Update 1.7 (Caves, Spaceships, and Roadmap)

Update 1.7 (Caves, Spaceships, and Roadmap)

March 13, 2016

Caves: Increased the cave size and opened it up so that you can see exactly how far the cave development has gone. I’m trying to find the balance of how unpolished an environment can be before people get upset. You’ll literally be able to jump off the map… Spaceship: Added an orbiting spaceship to the […]

CAT Interstellar is live on Steam!!!

August 28, 2015 CAT Interstellar is a story-driven science fiction game about humanity’s attempt to terraform Kepler 452b. Pilot a DOG V4 drone on an alien world and uncover the past of a seemingly barren planet.


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