1. This is looking really complex and vivid with a wide shade of vibrant colors and awesome science fiction themed atmospheres! Is there a way to e-mail you guys so that way I can ask about a possible press inquiry?

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  2. Alpacas says:

    So I don’t understand, are you working on this and CAT interstellar at the same time?

    Also will this be a prequel to CAT interstellar?


    • Sanford87 says:

      I create “June” before “CAT Interstellar” but it is the sequel. I’m not currently developing it but a lot of the core mechanics are complete.


  3. Team Terradactyl says:

    The videos and screenshots from the top-right menu are hard-coded to the junethegame domain, which doesn’t appear to exist. Manually changing the domain back to ionizedgames seems to fix this issue. Are those links something that can be corrected?


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