1. je ne sais plus says:

    Very cool man! I love it


  2. Dancing Polygon says:

    I really love the concept of that game, it´s great, but the level contains to much green for my taste. I think it would have a more natural effect if you would lower the amount of green that the trees and the grass have.
    And some natural light sources in the night would be nice. It would be epic if the flowers from 1:15 in the second video would cast light in the dark.
    Please keep working on the game I would love to play it.


  3. Nedron says:

    Nice videos to watch! Is June still in developement?


    • Sanford87 says:

      It isn’t currently being developed since we wanted to finish CAT Interstellar first but it’s definitely next. Can’t wait to get away from these deserts!!!


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