Update 3.0.3 (Surface)


This update includes additional dialog, a remapped version of “The Surface”, numerous bug fixes, and Ansel support. This update probably doesn’t warrant a fresh play-through if you’ve already been through once.

First off, I want to welcome the massive influx of players during the Steam Summer sale. Thank you for giving this little game a shot and hopefully you stick around for the ending. Your feedback is truly appreciated and encouraged. I’ll try to maintain a weekly update until our launch date. 


The surface level has been remapped to be a little more efficient in its layout. The mine is now on the far side (since it is the final destination) and the entire map has been opened up. I was also able to cut out huge segments of the map that were rarely visited (like behind the base). This should drastically reduce the load time for the largest level in the game.

I’ve also added guide poles to help make it a little more intuitive as to where to go. Please try not to run into them since the androids spent a lot of time installing them.

Additional Content
  • Added dialog to the “Main-Menu” level as well to “The Base” level.
  • Reworked the “Main-Menu” with layout and an additional audio cue to make it more intuitive.
  • Added an additional conversation to The Base as well as numerous environmental ambiences to add a little more life to the level.
  • Fixed the issue with players not being awarded the “chapter 0 “ achievement (Sorry).
  • Fixed a bug causing the locker door to freeze up and not allow the player or the android through. This effectively blocked the “Chazz” achievement (Thanks LigH).
  • Fixed numerous collision issues making DOG’s engines freak out.
  • Adjusted numerous graphical errors such as over clipping decals and overly reflective volumes (Thanks XBL Laberbacke).
  • Lastly, I finally tracked down one of the most elusive bugs that occasionally made it difficult to “drop” objects. This one was unique because it was so hard to reliably reproduce. The ultimate cause of the bug was how DOG’s gravlift ray traces to objects. If the ray trace is beyond a certain distance (10-meters) it will disappear. This inadvertently nulled out the “drop” command if you were holding an object AND your line of sight was beyond the 10-meter threshold.


Known Issues
  • Key rebinding. This bug is caused by how the action manager is passed around. I have a very good idea how to fix it but didn’t have time before this update.
  • A few of the subtitles got jacked. I plan on streamlining the subtitle system to go in line with audio dialog instead of a bunch of beeps and boops. I’m sorry I’ve made you suffer for this long.


Ansel Support

We’ve supported Ansel for a while now but just recently got whitelisted by Nvidia so it should work for everyone (with and Nvidia card). Pressing Alt+F2 in game will bring up the Ansel HUD and let you get some amazing screenshots. This system is very simple and straight forward but still gives you a lot of control.

Future Updates

You’ll notice that the cave collapse scene is cut a little bit shorter. This scene is about 90% complete but I don’t want to add it in until I have fixed all the nitpick timing issues.

The dialog for Signals is also almost completely recorded and edited. There are a few additional animations and events that need to be added to pull the whole thing together but we are making very good progress on it.

The next set of updates should be focused almost exclusively on content.


Thank you again for all the support, feedback, and troubleshooting. I could not have done this without you.

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