Update 1.9.1 (IK Foot Placement, Voice Acting, Story)

Don’t be deceived by the title this is more of me trying to get your opinion than an update. I was hoping to get this out yesterday but Colorado has had some pretty crazy winds the last couple days (100+mph) and the internet has been in and out. I’ll go over the update notes, Community, and then a little bit about development. I’d love to get your input on any of it.

Update Notes:

  • Android 42’s textbox problem has been resolved using a priority type system. Thanks for all the community help on this. It’s also ready for voice acting to be added back in (see community section).
  • Linux brightness bug has been fixed by adjusting the auto-exposure. If you still encounter problems try setting the post processing quality to 0 in the menu.
  • Screen resolution can now be set above 100% to 120%.
  • ‘E’ has been removed as a default menu button.
  • Debug Viewmodes have be enabled in the dev tab. This will help troubleshoot frame drops.
  • Fur material added to Cat character.
  • Box mission on the surface only has 1 box. This was never meant to be a time sink. Finding one box gets the message across about what your sensor can do.
  • Improved level transitions and adjusted DOG’s speed per level.
  • Android 42’s dialog has been slightly extended.
  • Signals is now available to play test. Mainly to test the optimization and control mechanics.
  • signalsupdate
  • Android 42 now has IK foot placement so we’re now officially competing with Uncharted 4 for game of the year.


I can’t say whether I’m developing good or not but I hope that I’ve at least been honest and open about issues and progress. I’m trying to give you as much of an incomplete story as I can without ruining it at the end. It might seem weird now but I promise the Androids, the caves, the cat will all come together in the end. I know development is taking a lot longer than expected so thank you for sticking with me.

Just to give you some idea of where we are:
The layout of the cave is about 90% and you have access to the whole thing. All that remains as far as static environment is just touchups and detail meshes on the last cavern. The last major thing that’s needed is what I’ll call for now an “event”. The complexity of that event is about the same as the opening sequence but you can’t see it until it’s done. It’s taking longer than I thought because I’m trying to get some destructible meshes for Houdini (sigh…).

You now have access to Signals to test to movement mechanics of the cat and how well the level is optimized and lit. Signals is about 60% complete. What’s remains to be done is audio dialog (you won’t interact with the characters like you do as DOG).

I’ll keep posting a major update ~once a month but I’ll post to the beta about everyweek. You can access the beta by right clicking CAT Interstellar in your steam library >> Properties >> BETAS tab >> Select beta1 in the drop down. I’ve removed the password so anyone can access it.


I have mixed feeling about VR. Part of me wants to stick to the original plan of the VR origin being DOG (first person) and using a gamepad or mouse/keyboard for movement. The other part of me thinks we can do better. I’m not sure which will win out but I’d love to know what control types you like.

One of the things I’m concerned about in VR is the time it takes to beat the game. Personally I usually get burned out and a little nauseous after ~30 minutes. I know this is just my own experience so I’m really curious what it is like for the rest of you. Have any of you played Allumette or Obduction? What did you think?


This might be a little cheesy but would you have a problem with cursing in this game? This isn’t supposed to be a kids game but it also isn’t some gory mess. Maybe it’s because I just discovered Rick and Morty but if a cave is literally collapsing around you it’s likely you would at least mumble “damnit” to yourself. This is just something I came across while writing the dialog and I’m interested in what you think.

Thanks again for everything,

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